Dr. Borgstein, one of only four pediatric surgeons working in Malawi, where there is an estimated 7.5 million children. Working with the staff at the Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Blantyre for the past 20 years, Dr. Borgstein treats thousands of children every year, performing hundreds of life-saving operations.

Dr. Borgstein also trains medical students in general and pediatric surgery at the Malawi College of Medicine. With financial support from Raising Malawi, he is currently training doctors Tiyamike Chilunjika and Laura Cappyuns, to follow in his footsteps as a pediatric surgeon. 


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In November 2014, Madonna announced that Raising Malawi would be constructing the Mercy James Institute of Pediatric Surgery and Intensive Care, a state-of-the-art pediatric surgery and intensive care unit at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital in Malawi’s commercial capital of Blantyre. This new project, developed in partnership with the Malawian Ministry of Health, will help Queen Elizabeth hospital double the number of surgeries performed on children each year and will provide an intensive care unit which will increase the chance of survival after critical surgeries. The hospital currently has a four-bed intensive care unit for its 1,300 patients per day which results in many children not receiving the critical care they need.

In addition to serving more children, this new facility will become a training center of excellence for Southern Africa, with more local doctors acquiring the skills needed to perform pediatric surgery. In a country with only three pediatric surgeons and 50% of the population under 15 years old, this new facility could make a significant difference in the lives of Malawian children.

Mercy James Institute FOR Pediatric Surgery and Intensive care: progress photos


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